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The lonely recording guitarist. Putting the finishing touches on the latest Echo 42 album.
With Adrian Ingram at Seven Arts
With the legendary Franco Cerri in Milan, Italy
With Adrian Ingram
Performing with Howard Alden
Darren and Larry Coryell in Wales
Playing with bassist Cristiano Da Ros in Milan, Italy
Darren and Cristiano Da Ros
Darren, Cristiano and Val Bonetti performing in Italy
Darren looking smug on a seven string classical guitar rehearsing for a concert
With Phil Kampen on bass
Darren and Adrian Ingram performing at the 2015 Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Festival
Darren and Adrian Ingram
Darren and Martin Chung
Darren and Phil Kampen in Huddersfield
Darren and Howard Alden at Bradford College
A recent performance with the Highly Strung Guitar Trio
With New York player Roni Ben Hur
Darren Dutson Bromley and Adrian Ingram at Strays, Newark.
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