Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society
by on February 8, 0202 in News

Last night I paid a visit to the Huddersfield jazz guitar society who meet regularly in a back room at the Head of Steam, a real ale pub which is part of Huddersfield train station. In fact, rather uniquely it is possible, using the hourly stopping train service between Stalybridge and Dewsbury to do what is perhaps a unique pub crawl visiting at least 7 pubs and enjoying a different pint in each from independent and small breweries all without leaving the station.

The jazz guitar society has been meeting now for about six months and is a band of enthusiasts who enjoy meeting, chatting and most importantly playing guitar. A friend and fellow Idle guitar group member who lives in Huddersfield discovered it and joined and after last night I will too.

So what do you do at a jazz guitar society, last night some informal playing by some of the members who had worked out some lovely duets followed by an informed talk on pickups by Hayden Minett from Bulldog Pickups who makes and rewinds the things and was incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic followed by a bit more playing, all accompanied by some rather fine beers. I wasn’t intending to play and hadn’t brought a guitar but after watching some of the performances the urge was just too strong and after borrow a rather splendid Gibson 175 myself and the rather excellent jazz guitarophile Adrian Ingram played a few duets.

Last month Trefor Owen and Andy Hulme came and entertained the troops, next month some people are coming down to talk about Eastman Guitars and then hopefully the month after there will a workshop and concert from a rather eminent guitarist, more on that to follow.

It cost 2 pounds to come and spend an evening with the society or you can join for 10 pounds, nothing in today’s prices, so come down, if you want to play you can, if you just want to listen to some lovely guitar music you can but this is an excellent society that needs support so do come.

Spread the word.

Next meeting is Tuesday 6th March and is always on the first Tuesday of the month at the Head of Steam and starts at 8.30pm.


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